Hemp Oil Benefits

Health and the Benefits Of Hemp OilHemp oil is experiencing a resurgence in popularity as the American populace becomes less fearful of cannabis and it's unassuming cousin. It was widely used, worldwide, in numerous industr...

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California & Colorado's Importance to Legal Cannabis

California and Colorado are - and have been - crucial strongholds in the fight for marijuana legalization. As the pioneering states to embrace Cannabis for medical and recreational use respectively, it is important to know and compare the different legislations....

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Here's How Medical Cannabis is Revolutionizing Women's Health

Thanks to scientific breakthroughs in medical cannabis research, innovative treatments for female health issues are becoming available to the public. Women now have choices – alternative treatment options – that can help them where traditional medicine may have...

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5 Reasons Banks Remain on the Edge of Cannabis Business

“The Green Rush” is upon us. Every day brings us closer to the federal legalization of Marijuana, and depending on which state you reside in, there may already be opportunities to get into the Cannabis Industry. ...

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Athletics and cannabis use can easily be perceived - and often are - as incompatible.  Nowadays however, smoking cannabis or eating cannabis-infused edibles pre-workout is becoming more normalised with a variety of athletes claiming the combination makes them be...

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Signs Bill Allowing Cannabis Medicine for PTSD Sufferers

New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie signed a bill into law yesterday - Wednesday September 15th - that adds Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana use. It is a significant victory for the war veterans of the state, whose recent ...

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As DEA rejects latest efforts to reschedule Cannabis, ambiguity abounds.

Remember in April when the Drug Enforcement Agency claimed they would examine the scheduling of Cannabis in the first half of 2016?That deadline passed months ago, and here we are, still hanging on Congress to deliver some satisfaction for those who have been waiting. ...

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8 States with a chance to reconsider cannabis.

2016 is proving to be a real year of change in the political environment of cannabis : not only will our nation elect a new president by the end of the year, but medical and recreational marijuana legislation will be voted on in a record eight states. Arizona, Arkansas, Californi...

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With Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Bill Approved, Half of America Is Now Legal

Governor Kasich Approves Ohio MMJ BillThe push towards state-wide medicinal marijuana legalization made great strides this week. On Wednesday, June 9th, 2016, Governor John Kasich of Ohio signed a bill that legalized medical marijuana within ...

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Ohio Passes New Medical Cannabis Bill

Ohio has recently been in the bizarre situation of suspending a medical cannabis campaign - because it’s lawmakers have already passed what the Marijuana Policy Project and Ohioans For Medical Marijuana call a ‘workable’ bill. ...

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What Is The Endocannabinoid System?

During the 1990’s a group of scientists in Israel discovered a complex and widespread system of neuro-transmitters in the human...

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THC & CBD - A Formidable Tag Team in the Fight Against Disease

THC and CBD are easily cannabis’s most well known compounds - by now most people who have considered using cannabis as a medicine are aware of the effects of both. Whether its managing pain and inflammation, regulating appetite/digestion issues, controlling seizu...

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CBGA - The Precursor To All Cannabinoids

CBG-A, or Cannabigerolic Acid is the primordial phyto-cannabinoid. It is the compound in cannabis from which all the plant’s other naturally occurring cannabinoids are formed : without CBGA, the cannabis plant cannot produce its most useful compounds....

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Benefits Of Whole Plant Medicine - Why Using The Full Spectrum Of Cannabis Compounds Is Medically Valuable.

While certain ailments may benefit from narrow spectrum formulations of cannabis and its constituent parts, most illnesses that currently allow cannabis as a recommended treatment show greater disease management and even remission with broad or full spectrum formul...

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The Clinical Progression Of Medicinal Cannabis Treatment

Background When President Richard Nixon signed the Controlled Substances Act in 1970, marijuana was designated as a schedule I drug. Drugs in this group are defined as having a “high potential for abuse” and “no current medical use”. One of the largest hurdles for insur...

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Top 5 IT Trends Cannabis Tech Must Consider

With cannabis tech startups of all nature sprouting up in the United States, the need to stay on top of the latest IT trends regardless of market niche becomes all the more imperative. A “tech trend” can be defined as one with the potential to significantly impact the way different industries...

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Bringing the e-patient movement to medical marijuana

Medical cannabis patients have the power of digital technology to fuel their quest for better healthcare, which is forcing the industry to keep pace with their digital needs. By leveraging smartphones and tablets most patients already have, medical cannabis companies can better engage patients an...

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Internet of Things Meets Marijuana

As a tech company in an emerging market, we’re often asked to comment on the role of the “Internet of Things” (#IoT for all you social maniacs) in cannabis. The problem with the current use of the phrase is that like any new trending topic, people try to capitalize on it at every opportunit...

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Hottest Sectors Within Cannabis Technology

As public perception towards medical marijuana starts to shift, cannabis startups are taking center stage in the world of entrepreneurship and venture capital. While "cannabis entrepreneur" was interpreted as "drug dealer" just 10 years ago, the influx of credible companies and professionals into...

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Cannabis Technology: Exchange Platforms

Unprecedented growth in cannabis markets has presented a need for regulation, standardization and commodification of both raw cannabis and any other by-products. The ultimate goal of most cannabis exchange platforms is that they create a transparent and standardized marketplace for cannabis tra...

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