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PotBot™ is a medical marijuana recommendation engine that guides patients to the appropriate cannabinoid levels, medical cannabis strains, and consumption methods for their specific ailment. Once a medical cannabis recommendation is calculated, PotBot™ helps patients find their recommended cannabis at a nearby dispensary or set up an appointment with a licensed medical cannabis clinic. Accessible via dedicated kiosks, mobile app, and desktop app, PotBot™ utilizes a robust database of strains, cannabinoids, and medicinal applications aggregated through semantic web technology and validated by medical devices in research centers around the world.



  • “While others are looking to make marijuana stronger, PotBotics is looking to make it smarter.” – Newsweek
  • “Top 7 technology startups in the cannabis industry.” – VentureBeat
  • “PotBotics is incorporating novel technologies into the cannabis industry.” – New York Times

PotBotics is a Silicon Valley and New York based technology company that powers the medical cannabis industry with software solutions that deliver science to medical marijuana. PotBotics technology blend artificial intelligence, DNA analysis, and cannabis research to address the main points in the medical marijuana industry, benefiting patients, physicians, cultivators, and dispensary owners. Learn more at

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